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{ Welcome to Pierre-Louis Compeau's Web Site: A young student in IT & Networks }

What will you likely find here?

Here are both professional and personnal points I do wish to share.
You'll find my CV and Port-Folio on one side, playlists ,pictures and other sweet things on the other side.

Green Park, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar, Summer 2012

{ Student at Valence in France, Guitar player & Philosopher who's always Smiling at every moment of his life }

My brother & me, St Quentin Fallavier, October 2012

Caroline Chan and me, at Dragon d'Or, Madagascar, summer 2012

Caution everyone, here is a stupid & comic guy!

Fond of folk guitar, this singer has also tried playing
piano and battery. A real Rocker to the roots.

On IT side, he's keen on System Optimization and MMI,
and also like helping people and explaining things.

On Sport side, a Badminton player and Roller user.

Last but not least, big fan of English!


{ You'll find here a Web CV merged with the site, in addition to the sheet-version downloadable just there: }

English Sheet Version Curriculum Vitae
French Sheet Version Curriculum Vitae
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Personnal Profile

{ Dat's Me! }
Pierre-Louis Compeau

Born in October 1990 the 4th, at Aix en Provence, France

Full Clean Driving License

Email: see Sheet Version


Engineer student at E.S.I.S.A.R, 26000 Valence.

School of INPG:
Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble

Specialty: Informatique & Réseaux

High School Diploma of Science: A level with honours
Specialty: Mathematics
Oriented: Sciences of engineering

High School Léonard de Vinci, Villefontaine 38090

Secondary School Les Allinges, St Quentin Fallavier 38070

Primary School Les Tilleuls, St Quentin Fallavier 38070

Professional Knowledge

Web Designer & Programmer at Dragon d'Or:

Helping the Hotel Restaurant earning fame,
using Information Technology.

Work done:
- Creating and setting up a Web Site
- Creating a Software of Hotel Managing
(Soon available on this Web Site)

Chinese & Malagasy Hotel-Restaurant, 2012 Access to Web Site

UDT-Meca Valence, 2010Presentation

Internship at UDT-Meca and MEI-Meca as Network Administrator:

Creating a secured and private network between two societies.

Work Done:
- Setting up a VPN and 2 Servers at the 2 entities.
- Creating a Web Site for each society.
- Setting up hardware (network wiring, printers, writing documents).

Personal Knowledge

Information Technology:
Computer Programming: C++ / C / Java / AutoIT

Web Programming: Php / Mysql / Html5 / CSS3 / JQuery / Javascript

French :
English :
Spanish :
Ease with speaking
Personal Projects: (Recent to old)
- DatPaelesse (10/12);
- Pulse Ring (09/12 - X);
- DaPaelesse (06/12);
- Aria's World (02/12 - 6/12);
- King Pong (10/11 - 01/12);
- Noiser Origin (09/11);
- Paelesse (06/11 - 07/11);
- Noiser (09/10 - 02/11);

@IT Projects

{ Here will be available some of my professional and personal projects, with description and pictures. }

The DragonSoft Project (2012)
The SIP Project (2011)
The Life's Game Project (2010)